by Chris Cotton

Update: 11.29.2023 Catapult is closing out its buy recommendation.

Opened 11.28.2023 $24.14 – closed 11.29.2023 $26.90 : 11% return


The recent FDA approval of OGSIVEO by SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc., has significantly impacted the company’s financial outlook, with its stock experiencing a notable surge in after-hours trading (+16% as of this writing). This approval is particularly momentous for investors considering the company’s prior market performance and future potential. Here, we delve into the financial implications of this development for SpringWorks Therapeutics and its stakeholders.

Stock Performance and Market Reaction

Following the announcement, SpringWorks Therapeutics’ stock (Nasdaq: SWTX) witnessed a dramatic increase of over 16% in after-hours trading. This surge reflects heightened investor confidence in the company’s growth potential. It’s crucial to examine the stock’s performance against its recent trading history: the previous close stood at $21.75, with the day’s range fluctuating between $20.19 and $21.79. This movement is situated within a broader 52-week range of $18.00 to $34.16, indicating significant volatility and potential for growth.

Trading Activity and Market Capitalization

The trading volume on the day was 568,974, close to its average volume of 607,949, suggesting steady investor interest. SpringWorks Therapeutics’ market capitalization stands at $1.3 billion, paired with a relatively stable Beta (5Y Monthly) of 0.65, indicating lower volatility compared to the broader market.

Financial Metrics and Investor Outlook

Despite a currently non-applicable PE Ratio (TTM) and a negative EPS (TTM) of -4.87, the company’s recent FDA approval could be a pivotal factor in reversing these trends. The anticipated earnings date between Feb 26 and Mar 01, 2024, will be a critical period for investors to assess the company’s financial health post-approval. Notably, the 1-year target estimate for the stock stands at an optimistic $48.60, nearly double its current trading price, suggesting strong future growth expectations.

Long-Term Investment Considerations

For long-term investors, the lack of a forward dividend and yield are important considerations. However, the company’s focus on rare diseases and cancer, coupled with this recent FDA approval, positions it well for potential future profitability and growth.


The FDA approval of OGSIVEO by SpringWorks Therapeutics marks a pivotal moment not just in medical advancement but also in the company’s financial trajectory. This development has sparked investor interest, reflected in the stock’s performance and future prospects. As the company navigates its post-approval phase, investors will be keenly watching its financial health and market performance, with a close eye on the upcoming earnings date and long-term growth potential.

Buy Recommendation – Short term swing. Great potential for a long-term investment but would take much more research to understand the sales path timelines and viability.